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Your favorite beer making a partnership with this Mississippi distributor

GULFPORT, MISS. – America’s oldest brewery and Mississippi’s oldest beer distributor are partnering to keep a steady flow of iconic Yuengling beer on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Gulfport-based F.E.B. Distributing Company, started in 1934 as the first licensed beer distributor in the state after the repeal of Prohibition, and D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc., which has operated continuously since 1829, have reached an agreement for F.E.B to be the exclusive distributor of their brands in the Coast market.

F.E.B Distributing said that their territory will include Harrison, Hancock, Jackson, George, and Pearl River Counties. The agreement takes effect immediately.
“Yuengling is one of the premier brands in the country, and growing in popularity in our region,” Frank Bertucci, F.E.B. Distributing President and a third-generation owner, said.

“One reason for the beer’s success is because it is truly the most authentic voice in the nation to speak for the American brewing tradition. Yuengling is only brewed in two locations, and management has a passion about the product. When your name is on the label, you care,” Bertucci said.

Despite its longevity as the country’s oldest and the largest American-owned brewery, Yuengling has carefully grown its footprint. The premium brand did not enter Mississippi until earlier this year and Louisiana is the most western state in which it is sold. The two brewery locations are in Pottsville, Pa., and Tampa, Florida.

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