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Find Me’s Intent: “Do Best We Can For Myra’s Family”, Once Search Negotiations Settled with Madison Co. Sheriff

JACKSON, Miss. — The mother of Myra Lewis has asked the national search and rescue team that gave to Madison County detectives a list of possible GPS locations of the missing toddler’s whereabouts to come to Mississippi to help look for her daughter.

Find Me founder Kelly Snyder confirmed with News Mississippi that Ericka Lewis contacted him Tuesday to request assistance.  Snyder said he explained to Lewis that his team would come “only if we can communicate with police first.” A group of retired and volunteer law enforcement personnel, forensic scientist and canine search and rescue professionals, Snyder said his team would need to confirm that their involvement would not interfere with any related investigation the Madison County Sheriff Department may be currently conducting.  “Also, if they used dogs where our search areas were, then it would not make sense to search there again,” he added.

The GPS locations that Find Me could search were figured out by psychics who also volunteer with the group.  Their information was given to Madison County detectives just over a month ago.  Despite the amount of time that has gone by, Snyder said the information was still relevant and could possibly lead to Myra.

“Our dogs are certified through 2,000 hours of training and have a 100% success rate of finding missing persons, as long as they are in our search gird,” he explained.  In addition to the dogs and their handlers, pilots, airplanes and writing experts are among other resources the group could use in the search for Myra, at no cost to her family or local law enforcement.

But even if Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker gives Find Me the go ahead, it is still not clear when the group could began the active search for the two-year-old.  Snyder said he still had not talked directly to Tucker.  And the group is currently working 30 pending investigations, including a second one in Mississippi. Plus Find Me is scheduled to be in Georgia this weekend to search for a missing person in that state.  “But we will do the best we can for Myra’s family,” Snyder said.

Find Me has already located 59 missing persons in their 12 year history.  For more information on the group, or to volunteer or donate to their efforts, visit their website at
News Mississippi earlier talked with one of the 30 psychics whose information was used to compile the GPS locations on Myra’s possible whereabouts.  You can read about the process she used to determine the locations here: /news-mississippi-exclusive-world-psychic-search-myra-lewis/

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