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Finding Man’s Best Friend, After The Storm; and Best Way to Do It

PEARL, Miss. — If you own a pet, you probably consider them part of the family.  So you may understand why the days following last week’s tornadoes have been difficult for some storm survivors who are still looking for their pets. 

“Please try to help people locate their animals, because in my instance, he was like my baby,” pleaded Jane Black who lived in Highland Trailer Park in Pearl. 

Her trailer home was lifted up from its foundation by a tornado “and it dropped it.  It poof and exploded,” she explained while standing on the slab where her home was once located.  “I lost everything, except what you might could put in the back of a pickup truck.  I can’t even find a piece of carpet.”  But she remembers finding her 9-month-old puppy. “He was up there under that heating unit.” 

But getting him to come out, took some time.  So Black said if you find an animal in a storm damage area, be patient with it.  “They are traumatized.  When people try to find them, give them some space.”




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