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Fireworks safety on the 4th

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July 4th is a vital holiday within the American community, as citizens all around the nation take a halt to their busy lifestyles in order to celebrate independence.

If you plan on concluding your 4th of July celebration with one of those awe-inspiring firework shows that have become such a staple to the holiday, don’t pull a 2016 Jason Pierre Paul, and make sure to use these safety tips provided by Jim Pollard and Jimmy Miller of the American Medical Response in order to stay safe and prevent accidents:

  • Avoid backyard firework displays in general; Pollard’s “best” method is for citizens to attend a firework show produced  by professionals

Not all people are going to do this though, so if you are planning on shooting fireworks yourself, try these alternate tips

  • Do not use fireworks if you are under the influence of any substance
  • Strictly supervise children
  • Never try to relight a firework (or “dud”)
  • Stay away from bottle rockets and sparklers
  • Stay out of grassy areas
  • Use safety goggles
  • Keep fireworks away from the facial area
  • Stay a safe distance away from a lit firework
  • Have a hose and/or bucket of water on sight in case of an accidental fire

Have a fun and safe 4th of July, from your friends here at News Mississippi!

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