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Flood Waters Rising: How You Can Prepare

ADAMS COUNTY, MISS– You can’t stop a flood, but you can prepare for it, says Adams County Emergency Management. 

The waters have hit the flood stages in Natchez, and the water keeps on rising. With homes and businesses along the river, many are trying to prepare.

“Many of the folks were here during 2011, so they know what to do,” says Adams County Emergency Management Director Robert Bradford.

There are some tips to prepare, if this is your first flood, says Bradford.

“Move your furniture or valuables that could be damaged by the water,” he says, “and you could use sandbags, but if water could really  get into the home, I don’t recommend that. You’ll have to move the furniture and belongings.”

Bradford says there’s one other thing people can do to prepare for flooding.

“Obey the officers of the law,” says Bradford, “they’re watching the water, and the streets that we may close. Listen to them.”

This not only makes things run smoother during an evacuation, but it could save your life, Bradford adds.

News Mississippi will continue to follow the flooding as the situation continues.

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