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Obama Talks Executive Order Against Guns, Wicker Says It Isn’t His Right

WASHINGTON D.C.– President Barack Obama addressed the nation Tuesday morning regarding new legislation that would require small time gun sellers to to register as licensed gun dealers, and increase background checks for purchases. 

This new legislation could make things difficult for small business owners or gun shows to sell guns. Before, they were not required to hold records of sales or licenses. Now, it will be a requirement.

Background checks would be expanded, taking longer, and keeping some from owning guns.

“No president of the United States has the power to infringe on the rights granted by the Second Amendment,” says Senator Roger Wicker, “Congress and the courts should promptly step in to reverse this executive overreach.”

Senator Roger Wicker has a steady record of always voting in favor of 2nd Amendment rights, and his honored by the National Rifle Association with an A+ rating.

Senator Thad Cochran is also speaking against the order.

“I remain committed to protecting our Second Amendment rights and to ensuring that the federal government plays no role in any misguided gun control initiatives that restrict a law-abiding individual’s constitutional right to bear arms,” says Cochran in a statement,”President Obama’s unilateral decision to push his gun control agenda through executive fiat is not conducive to finding consensus on policies to ensure public safety and fight violent crime.  His actions push the limits of his constitutional authority, and I fully expect them to be challenged by the Congress and in the courts. I am also concerned that public confidence in the federal government is diminished by the President’s readiness to sidestep the Congress and issue executive orders.”


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