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Flooding Precautions You Need to Know

JACKSON, Miss.- You most likely heard the rolling of thunder and the loud strike of lightening throughout the Mississippi night sky this weekend. There was a ton of rain that led to flooding, thunderstorms and even a tornado that swept through Convington County.

Spokesperson for Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) Greg Flynn says you should have a flood plan in order in case the rain and flooding gets that bad again. You will need a safe place to go and ways to keep water from seeping into your house or a way out of your house if you live in a low leveled area where you are more prone to flooding under heavy rain. A quick evacuation plan will go a long way and you don’t want to wait until the last minute to think this through.

Flynn said, “If you have to go out and drive, absolutely do not drive over areas covered with water, because you are unable to see if there is any road there or not or if it’s been washed away. We saw a lot of that this weekend.”

If you are stuck at your house you can try to put towels around the doorways and windows to help keep water out. If you have important documents like, social security numbers, birth certificates, mortgages, insurance and other important items make sure you have those items in an air tight bag or in a storm box so you can get those documents in quick fashion or if you have to leave them behind, when you come back they will be protected from the water.

Be weather aware and have your guard up as Tuesday approaches. More rough weather and severe storms could be headed your way, but after that it will start to look up as the sunshine comes through and sticks around for the next few days.

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