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Franklin Graham Urges Christians to Get Politically Involved at Jackson Rally

JACKSON, MISS– Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham, held a prayer rally as part of his Decision American tour at the state Capitol today. 

Graham is visiting all 50 states to lead prayer rallies during the presidential election. During this rally, Graham emphasized the importance of having Christian leadership in politics.

“As communism slid out, secularism slowly crept in. Secularism and communism are one and the same–godless. We need to put God back in politics.”

Graham pointed out that separation of Church and State doesn’t mean you keep quiet about your faith, but let your faith lead you in making decisions. He adds that with this being an election year, men and women of Christian commitment need to run for office.

“Run–run for office. Get involved in the political process,” Graham urges, “Become a community organizer for God.”

While from the pulpit Graham supported biblical principles in politics, he did not speak for any particular candidate. He says he is unaffiliated, and will not speak as to who gets his vote; and that now more than ever, the choice for a presidential candidate may not always be clear.

“You may be picking the lesser of two heathens,” Graham jokes before adding, “America needs the Christian voice. America needs the Christian vote.”

Turning the attention on the Magnolia state after the rally, the evangelist did speak about the Religious Liberties Accommodation Act, house bill 1523. But that legislation allows someone to “live out their faith” by refusing to perform a same-sex wedding or contribute to their marriage.

“I’m not here to argue for or against the governor or the legislators,” says Graham, “but as Christians, God is very clear as to what the rules are.”

Graham continues by saying that homosexuality is a sin against God, but that he loves the LGBTQ community.

“I love them enough to warn them of judgement,” says Graham.

A spokesperson for Decision America says the rally drew a crowd of over 6,000 people.


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