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Friday weather rundown 4-28-17

On a cool Friday morning in north Mississippi: your temperatures rising from the mid 50s to reach a high in the mid 80s today: you’re in for areas of patchy fog to start you off, with plenty of cloud cover lasting the rest of the day. Tomorrow warming even closer to the 90 degree mark as clouds break and sun takes over. Sunday could see a round of thunderstorms blowing thru, some possibly turning severe.

Central Mississippi not quite so sleevy this morning: you’re in the mid 60s right now, working toward a high in the upper 80s. You could see some scattered fog banks this morning as well, with sunshine breaking thru and warming your afternoon. Tomorrow expect some strong winds marking your Saturday, with storms encroaching on Sunday evening.

South Mississippi: cloudy, warm and humid today. You’re in the mid 70s now and won’t get much warmer than that. Your high today will be right around 80. Tomorrow much the same: cloudy and warm with a high in the low 80s. Sunday you could see some thunderstorms as well.

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