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Gas Prices Still Dropping Across The Country, There Could Be More

JACKSON, Miss– Gas prices are continuing to drop in Mississippi and around the country. Is this a continuing trend or could it go back up again? 

You’ve noticed the drop at the pump and it may have your wallet singing. Gas prices dropping from nearly four dollars a gallon to a state average of $2.42 a gallon. It’s been rumored in Mississippi that it could drop to less that two dollars a gallon, and with the state’s lowest being $2.18 in Hattiesburg, it’s  not a farfetched idea.

The experts weigh in and it looks like the drop could continue:

That’s oil expert Trilby Lundberg. She says OPEC’s decision not to dial down production has a little something to do with the price change:

If OPEC decided to dial down production, gas prices would rise.

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