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Get The Garden Growing: How to Plant for Every Garden, Even at the Apartment

JACKSON, Miss– Want to get the garden growing but don’t have a green thumb? News Mississippi went plant shopping and picked up some tips along the way. 

Spring fever. That familiar itch to be outside in the sunshine when the temperature is just right. For a lot of folks, spring fever’s only cure is to get the garden going. But with Easter still a couple of week away, when is the right time to plant? Now, according to Josh McCrory.

“Start planting now, especially your trees and shrubs,” says McCrory, with Calloway Yard and Garden’s Landscape and Irrigation, “if you do get some freezing temps early in the year, be sure to cover the plants with sheets of plastic or bed sheets.”

Another tip, says McCrory, is to lay mulch around the plants to keep the roots warm.

But if you live in an apartment, having a garden doesn’t seem all that attainable. McCrory says apartments and condos are still great spaces to plant, if you use a container. The containers even work for the veggies and herbs like grandma grows in her yard.

“Lavender, mint, rosemary, oregano if you like to make spaghetti,” McCrory says, “peppers and tomatoes work great in a pot, too. Just keep one specific pot per specific plant.”

Be sure to water your plants every day, or every other day in the shade. If you’re worried that the plant needs a little more, McCrory says there’s a rule of thumb to help you know when to water again.

“If you can stick your finger about halfway in the soil and it still feels moist,” says McCrory, “then you’re good.”

Here’s the whole interview with McCrory so you can get started on your garden:

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