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Giraffes coming to zoo in Hattiesburg

Photo courtesy of Stock Unlimited. Copyright: Image by StockUnlimited

It’s official, giraffes will be making their way to the Hattiesburg Zoo.

“I made a comment at a city council meeting that one of the animals that were were looking at was possibly being able to host some giraffes…. but the public only heard the word giraffe,” said Rick Taylor, Executive Director of the Hattiesburg Zoo.

Taylor said that getting the giraffes was made possible after the city council approved $800,000 for a premier animal exhibit.

“With the giraffes it’s not what you typically think like big tall fences…”

Taylor said that they are currently working on designing and building their giraffe barn and said that the entire process of getting the giraffes settled in at the Hattiesburg zoo will take about two years. However, he added that the once they are there it will be well worth the wait as visitors will be able to go up on a platform and feed the giraffes.

“If you’ve ever seen that, the giraffes have a very long and a really, really slobbery tongue,” Taylor said.

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