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Glo for Glam: Mississippi start-up gets Academy Award invite

The Mississippi startup company, Glo, has been asked to attend a celebrity gift suite at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles on February 25th, and they need your help to get there.

At the event, Glo will be featured in front of more than 100 celebrities, models, actors, singers, and more, according o the company’s GoFundMe page.

“This event could prove to be a very pivotal moment for our startup and launch us onward to success! Because this was an unexpected opportunity, we need your help with the high travel expenses to California,” said Glo co-owner Kaylie Mitchell. “This is not only a key moment in our startup’s future, but we believe an amazing moment to show the world that Mississippi’s so much more than our reputation!”

Mitchell and friend Hagan Walker, developed Glo, with their beginnings in a Mississippi State graphic design classroom. The two have developed a beverage light that activates when placed in water.

Walker was an electrical engineering student at MSU and figured out the mechanics of the light.

“After many sleepless nights working endlessly on the design, manufacturing, marketing, and engineering of this tiny little invention, we finally created Glo – the first liquid-activated beverage experience!” said Mitchell.

Here’s how it works: Drop a Glo unit into any liquid and it immediately lights up, cycling through nine different colors of light.

Glo has been reviewed on Tipsy Bartender , Viral Thread , and UNILAD .

The light turns off when removed from the liquid, and can be used in any liquid of choice, whether it be a beverage, bathtub, or pool.

While the product has garnered great success, prompting an office to process the orders to some 30 countries, Mitchell said contributions are still needed.

“Being invited to the Academy Awards is an incredible opportunity for Glo to expand and grow,” said Mitchell. “And it’s also a chance for a small company from Mississippi to make a big splash and represent Mississippi and it’s great startup community! Any donation counts and we are so humbly grateful for the support!”

View Glo’s GoFundMe page here.

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