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Holiday safety: WHERE you grill is just as important as WHAT you grill

JACKSON, MISS– 4th of July is the celebration of our nation’s Independence– and many are celebrating by firing up the grill.

While the grill provides the food an entertainment for the holiday weekend, State Insurance Commissioner and Fire Marshall Mike Chaney said this is also a time of the year where every grill master should be reminded of the basics in grill safety.

“The most dangerous time in using any grill is when you ignite it, particularly if this is the first time you’re using it this season. For the safest family cookout, take the extra time you need to clean and prepare your grill properly,” Chaney said.

Part of that preparation would be to check the propane tank and hoses for any leaks or damage that may have occurred while being stored up in the off-season.

“If you’ve got a propane grill, you want to check the tank and hose for leaks,” Chaney said. “You can do that with a light soap and water mixture. Bubbles will show up where there is a hole, so you’ll want to replace that hose or tank if you find a hole.”

Chaney said if there is a leak and the grill is not lit, turn off the gas flow and replace that tank.

“If you’re cooking and you smell gas, get away, call the fire department,” Chaney said. “Do not move the grill just because you smell the gas, and don’t try to reach down and cut it off.”

Even with charcoal grills there are still risks involved.

“Use the appropriate lighter fluid to light the coals,” said Chaney. “Never, ever use gasoline. It will blow up. Just use your choice of coal and follow the proper lighting directions.”

Chaney added that a grill should never be left unattended, especially around children or pets. To insure maximum safety, the grill should be placed in an open area.

“Never use your grill indoors,” said Chaney. “Never use it under a carport, or under a covering of trees. Use it out in the open, at least 15 feet from the home, and not on a wood deck or railing.”


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