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New laws hit the books July 1

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Several laws will go into effect July 1 that could impact the day-to-day of millions of Mississippians.

On the roads:

HB 511: Ready to pass a big truck on I-55? The left lane should be free, since a new law is taking effect that outlaws “lollygagging” in the left lane on the interstate. If you’re caught hogging the left lane, you could face a fine of anywhere from $25 to $50.


“A lot of people feel that they can drive in the left hand lane,” said Capt. Johnny Pulos. “We’ve heard people say, I pay taxes, if I want to drive in the left hand lane I can, my constitutional right, but what most motorists don’t know is that it is a safety issue. Especially when you are impeding traffic.”

Poulos adds that the ultimate goal is keeping Mississippians safe.

It’s not about going out and trying to write a citation, it’s not about that for us. It’s about trying to save lives. It’s about educating the public on these new laws so that everyone can make it home safely.”

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SB 2724: You’ll have to make sure everyone in the car is buckled up. Doesn’t matter if you’re in the front seat or back seat, you have to wear your seat belt or face a fine. This law is two-fold, however; since you’re required to wear a seat belt, there’s no more hopping in the back of the pickup, even for a quick ride to town.

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SB 2968: Soon, there will be more highway patrolmen on the roads with you. With this law, trooper school has been funded. Classes start in October, and by the first of the year, new troopers will be hitting the roadways.

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SB 2710: Sanctuary cities for undocumented immigrants has been a hot topic across the United States, but they will be outlawed in Mississippi starting July 1. The law also prohibits municipalities from prohibiting a city employee from asking a citizen about their immigration status.

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SB 2689: Campaign funds will no longer be able to be used for personal use come July 1. This means any funds that were collected by any political campaign for the purpose of furthering the candidate cannot be used for personal vehicles, homes, rent, etc. If any campaign funds are left over after the fact, they will have to be returned to the donors, donated to the state, or can be donated to another political or charitable cause.

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HB 1046: Students who have relied on the Mississippi Dyslexia Therapy Scholarship can now continue to utilize that scholarship all the way through school. The scholarship can be used to enroll in private school, therapy programs, or purchase resources that would further the child’s abilities in school.

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HB 1322: Craft beer breweries in the state can now sell their products onsite. Initially, breweries could conduct tours and host events, but would have to direct customers to a nearby distributor for their beer or light wine. Here’s the catch: they can sell it to you there, but you have to take it away to drink it. It’ll be sealed. You won’t be able to down that six-pack at the brewery itself.

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