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Harper on Iran: You’re Not Gonna Just Sit Idly By and Do Nothing

WASHINGTON, D.C.–There is still confusion over exactly what a deal being worked out to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons will have in it, or what it will mean for America and the Middle East, or what it will mean for relations between the U.S. and Israel. Cong. Gregg Harper (R-Miss.) said in an interview on the JT Show Tuesday that he believes Israel may have to end up on the defensive.

“You’re not going to just sit idly by and do nothing,” he said. Harper said he believes there might be some type of action taken by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee after Pres. Obama has attempted to negotiate a deal with Iran, despite warnings from the Republican-controlled Congress that the lawmaking body should have some versight of any deal.

“There’s no doubt that Sen. Bob Corker, over on the Senate side, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is greatly involved in this, so I’m confident they’ll take the correct approach on that.”

Harper did not get specific on what type of action could be taken.


“I think Israel has the obligation and the duty and they have the president there in Pres. Netanyahu, and I think he’ll do whatever he has to do to protect his people.”

Harper has been an advocate of maintaining a strong relationship with Israel. He released this statement March 3:

Iran is the most dangerous state sponsor or terrorism in the world and I appreciate a leader who recognizes the threat that exists. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has correctly stated that Iran must never be allowed to build a nuclear weapon,” said Harper. “America and Israel should have a shared goal to do whatever is necessary to prevent the threats we face from Iran and radical Islam. Why does our President insist on making a deal with Iran, a country that seeks to destroy both American and Israel? Iran has proven time and time again that it cannot be trusted.

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