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UPDATE: Verdict for hearing scheduled for Greenville teacher with MDE

GREENVILLE, Miss.- The Mississippi Department of Education held a hearing with Linda Winters-Johnson, the teacher who was filmed dragging a student by her hair at Greenville High School.

By the end of the hearing MDE suspended Johnson’s license for 12 years.

“They suspended this teachers license, a lot people were like, well they should have revoked it, but if they revoked it she could petition for it to be reinstated,” said Mandy Rogers, advocate for the special needs community who sat in on the closed hearings.

Johnson will appeared before the Commission on Teacher and Administrator Education, Certification and Licensure and Development. They had the power to decide whether her license should be suspended or revoked based on evidence that she physically mistreated a student.

Two videos surfaced of Johnson dragging a special needs student by the hair across the high school gym floor.

“If was like, you had to watch it several times because you couldn’t believe what was going on,” said Rogers.

According to the State Capitol schedule, She appeared on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m.

Johnson was charged with violating the Mississippi Educator Code of Ethics for physically mistreating a student.

Johnson was terminated almost two weeks after the video surfaced.

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