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History is Lunch Series: Mississippi Medal of Honor Recipients

JACKSON, Miss.–If you’re a history buff and love Mississippi then you would have enjoyed the History is Lunch Program on Wednesday in the capital city.

The topic was “Mississippi Medal of Honor Recipients” and in front of a good crowd Department of History and Archives historian Michael Skoll spoke about 16 different people.

“I want to tell their stories and what makes them unique,” said Skoll. “Each one of them is unique even though some are more exciting than others.”

The Medal of Honor recipients actually go all the way back to the Civil War.

Skoll pointed out the story of Sergeant Jake Lindsey who in a battle in World War II killed 20 Germans and three of those were hand-to-hand combat. He said that Sgt. Lindsey also went on to fight in the Korean War where he killed 150 Chinese soldiers that were assaulting his position.

“He was just a regular infantry man,” said Skoll. “They called him the One Man Army.”

The Medal of Honor 1861 and was originally a Navy medal and then the next year the Army version of the medal showed up.

Approximately 3,000 men and one woman have received the medal. Mary Edwards Walker was that woman and she was a Union Army surgeon during the Civil War.

Hear Skoll talk about some of the other stories below.



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