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Hotel Hell Features Starkville’s Hotel Chester and Gordon Ramsey

STARKVILLE, Miss.–When chef Gordon Ramsey visited the Hotel Chester in Starkville last year, he helped design the Beer Garden and it’s menu, which now features his award-winning fish and chips recipe. You’ll be able to see his visit Monday night on FOX.

The episode airs at 8 p.m.

Ramsey is well-known for being a TV chef and makes it his mission in the episode to save the Mississippi Hotel from financial problems.

The Chester was built in 1925 and changed ownership in 1999.

The preview on the FOX website puts it simply, “Gordon visits a hotel near a college campus”.

The Chester’s website now boasts of Ramsey’s visit that he redesigned the menu last year and that it now includes his famous Gordon Burger and craft beers, locally-brewed, of course.

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