College Baseball as an Economic Driver

Mary Allyn Hedges(Director of Visit Oxford) and Lynn Spruill(Mayor of Starkville) both joined the conversation by phone to discuss how hosting College World Series Regional Tournaments in Oxford and Starkville will mean big bucks for the local community. If you missed their conversations with JT, you can find them here –

Starkville Women Bring Laundry Love

Starkville’s United Methodist Church gathered a group of women interested in serving their local community and headed down to a low-income apartment complex. They started by loving on ladies (and men) while they did their laundry and listened to their additional needs. Cindy Melby joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things to share how helping with … Continue reading “Starkville Women Bring Laundry Love”

6th Starkville Restaurant Week

The Starkville Convention & Visitors Bureau is very pleased to announce the 6th annual STARKVILLE RESTAURANT WEEK on April 22-29, 2018. Starkville Restaurant Week aims to showcase the very best culinary specialties Mississippi’s College Town has to offer! You’ll enjoy 7 full days of sampling our best breakfast, lunch, dinner and every snack in between. … Continue reading “6th Starkville Restaurant Week”