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House Passes Texting and Driving Ban Bill and Bill to Increase Speed Limit to 75 MPH

JACKSON, Miss. — Trips in the car could soon be different if two bill approved by the Mississippi House Friday become law.

The first grants the state the ability to raise the speed limit to 75 miles an hour. Other states like Louisiana and Texas have passed similar laws. Proponents believe it would reduce the amount of people getting speeding tickets. The bill has passed the House in previous years. Friday the vote was 116-2.

Another bill would make it illegal to text, email, or access social media on a cell phone while driving. Currently, 44 other states already have some type of ban on texting and driving. Some opponents of the bill are cautious that other actions taken in the car may be mistaken for texting, while others suggested texting and driving is no more dangerous than fumbling with CDs, eating, or putting on makeup while driving.

The penalty for texting and driving would be a $25 fine during the first year of its enactment, $100 after that. The bill passed 96-22

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