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House Rep. wrap up work for the week at State Capitol

JACKSON- House Representatives finish up the fourth week of the 2017 legislative session. 

Just around the corner, next Tuesday, brings another round of deadlines for House Bills to be out of committee. No additional bills will be able to be added to what goes on the House calendar after Jan. 31st.

After that calendar is made Representatives will begin meeting as a whole to discuss the bills that made it this far. Most work was done in committees this week but a few bills did make it to the floor

House Bill 555

It was initially voted down last week by a vote of 58-60 but was reintroduced last week to the floor on a motion to reconsider. This time it passed, 63-56. The bill would require a three-member committee – Governor, Lt. Gov., and Secretary of State – to approve the Attorney General’s use of outside lawyers in high stakes cases.

House Bill 515

This bill was introduced by the House Drug Policy Committee to the floor. It would enhance the penalty for the illegal sale of controlled substances within close proximity to drug or alcohol rehabilitation facilities. For now, the bill is being set aside for the Speaker to review. He will be determining how the law could coincide with previous drug penalties. It should see another vote within a week.

House Bill 680

The House voted unanimously in favor of a bill to rename the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality Building in Jackson as the “Patrick Alan Nunnelee Building” in honor of the late Mississippi Congressman.

Bills were also introduced to clarify and update inventory of state property through the Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration. They would also authorize the sale of certain state owned real property and require a report on the department’s monetary needs.

Other House bills News Mississippi will be watching for you as they make their way through the Capitol include:

HB 8, “Mississippi Minimum Wage Law” to be established at $9.00

HB 9, The Evelyn Gandy Fair Pay Act; create.

HB 44, Provide certain educational classes for adult offenders.

HB 88, MS Adult Health and Privacy Act; create.

HB 128, Universities; require to place 33% of bowl game revenue in escrow account to distribute to graduating athletes.

HB 209,  Teachers salaries; provide for $4,000.00 increase over four years at $1,000.00/year beginning with the 2017-2018 term.

HB 293,  School calendar; reduce number of days in scholastic year to 170.

HB 711,  Mississippi Motion Picture Incentive Act; extend authority of Department of Revenue to approve applications for certain rebates under.

HB 640,  MS Blue Lives Matter Act; classify crimes against police officer as hate crimes.

HB 1456, Medical exemption for vaccines

HB 1457, Religious or philosophical exemptions for vaccines

HB 1322,  Light wine or beer; authorize small craft breweries to sell light wine or beer they produce on the premises of the brewery.

Will continue to update as bills are submitted.




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