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How secure is your password protected information?

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Thursday was World Password Day and McAfee’s Chief Consumer Security Evangelist, Gary Davis, reminds you to make sure your passwords are secure. 

McAfee conducted a recent survey to better understand how people use and maintain passwords.

“The intention behind World Password Day is to inform everyone about good hygiene when it comes to your password security,” said Davis.

Passwords are how we protect personal information on technological devices. They often prevent the “bad guys” from getting information that could be detrimental to an individual.

Davis said one of the best ways to safeguard your passwords is to use a password manager. While Davis has over 300 password protected accounts, he said these programs are available for all lifestyles.

“Find one that meets your lifestyle,” said Davis.

A second form of authentication is also useful. These include fingerprint detection, facial scan, or even the proximity of another device. This makes it even more difficult for someone to access your password protected information.

Davis also said not to use words or phrases that are easily deciphered. For instance, if you want to use your pets name as a password, don’t just use the word. Add symbols, characters, upper and lower case letters to prevent someone from guessing the password easily.

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