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How to get your house ready for spring

With spring knocking at your door it may be time to start worrying about those pesky critters getting into your humble abode.

Mississippi Handyman Buddy Slowik tells News Mississippi that when the season changes, so come the bugs.

“The best way to keep critters out your house, whether it’s bugs, lady bugs or mice, is to tighten the house up anyway you can, with sealant or caulking… Any windows that don’t close properly need to be weather stripped down at the bottom,” said Slowik.

The handyman also recommends having the pest control folks come out to your house for an inspection and spraying.

“If you sign a contract with a pest control company it will cost about half the regular price…The contract is worth having, particularly in this area where we have so many infestations of insects,” said Slowik.

The first day of spring is Monday, March 20th.

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