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Humanist Group Threatens to Sue JPS Over Prayer in School

JACKSON, Miss.  The American Humanist Association has threatened to sue the Jackson Public School district for allowing prayer at a teachers’ meeting. 

The group said it received a complaint from a client that the Rev. Roy Maine was allowed to pray and give a sermon about Christian values at teachers’ meetings before the school year started in 2013 and 2014.

“The religious proselytization did not end with the Reverend’s sermon,” the eight page letter signed by Monica Miller said.  “Nearly every speaker at this three-hour event engaged in some form of religious preaching, recitation of Bible verses, and invocation to “Lord” and “God.”

The letter went on to say that “the School District’s actions mark a clear breach of the United State’s Constitution. This letter demands assurances that the School District will refrain from including religious elements in school sponsored events and specifically a future convocations.”

So far, the Jackson Public School District has not made any comment. 

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