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Ice, Snow, Really Cold Temps and Wind Chills, Where You Can Expect it This Week

HATTIESBURG, Miss.–Sleet, snow, freezing rain and really cold temperatures: Mississippi is in for again and this time schools and businesses may end up coming to a stand still south of Interstate 20, and especially along and south of Hwy. 84.

That’s where the National Weather Service said you can expect possibly two to four inches of sleet or snow, or both, starting Tuesday morning.

That could stretch as far south as the coast, with freezing rain becoming the main possibility the further south, according to National Weather Service Meteorologist Eric Carpenter.

“We’re urging folks in south Mississippi to really pay attention,” he said. “There could be some light snow as far north as the I-20 corridor. We’re not expecting any problems with that as far as the Jackson to Vicksburg to Meridian area, but folks there would want to pay attention there as well.”

Here what Eric has to say about all of Mississippi: 

So, as far as precip goes, if you’re in the winter storm watch area, you could see another scenario like what surprised many people along the Mississippi-Louisiana border Friday night, when iced over roads and bridges caused more than 30 wrecks and ended up killing a family of three in Pearl River County.

Carpenter said you really want to watch the roads.

“Really, if anything, it may be a little worse because of a greater potential for precipitation.”

Anywhere north of I-20 and especially in the very northern counties and the Delta, you will see another round of extremely cold air, with single digit lows and strong winds combining to bring the real feel wind chill down to near or below zero, especially Tuesday night.

Carpenter said it’s another situation where you want to make sure your pipes are wrapped and your cars are prepared with enough anti-freeze.

Make sure your pets have a warm place to stay and that your elderly neighbors are taken care of.

You can look for a warm-up by Thursday and Friday. It’s back into the 50s and 60s for the weekend.

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