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If You Feel Unsafe Pulling Over

JT got a question about pulling over for an undercover/unmarked police car, and he gave some advice on what to do if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe when you see blue lights in the rear-view mirror.

Step 1: Once you see the Blue Lights, if you can’t/won’t pull over immediately, turn on your hazard lights and obey all traffic laws(especially the speed limit).

Step 2: If you have any question regarding whether or not the vehicle behind is a legitimate police cruiser, simply dial 911 and state your name and situation. If the car behind you is NOT a police cruiser, the police have now been notified and will give you instructions. If the vehicle behind you IS a police cruiser, the 911 dispatcher will be able to help you find a safe place to pull over and communicate with the officer.

Step 3: Pull your vehicle over in a well lit and preferably public area with people around. This will make the entire experience safer for you and the officer pulling you over.

If you’d like to listen to the full audio of the conversation, it is available below –

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