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Internet sales tax bill could be up for more discussion

Rep. Jason White said that the Senate has invited conference for HB 480, the internet sales tax bill. This comes after it was killed by Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves for being unconstitutional. 

White said the tax includes any new money that Amazon, and other online retailers, voluntarily pay. Those funds would be kept separate from the General Fund and go directly to roads and bridges.

“I think if we can capture some money for infrastructure MDOT,  and through our state aid road system, they’re going to fix it. They know what needs fixing better than we do in the Legislature,” said White.

White said it’s been since 1987 since a major highway program was implemented. Dozens of new roads were built and highways were expanded. An $.18 gas tax was tagged for the project. Thirty years later, that amount is simply not cutting it.

“Think about what you were making thirty years ago, compared to today. What a road cost then and what a road costs to maintain now,” said Whites. “Folks are driving more miles, cars are more efficient, we just don’t get the money we need to do it.”

There is now a $50 million bond package in the bill to go directly to bridges.


Internet sales tax not expected to survive deadline 

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