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Inventory of Valuables could help Cops if items are Stolen

BILOXI, Miss. – Keeping an inventory of your valuables could help police find them in the event that you’re robbed.

Biloxi police are encouraging people to use free services available to them to record serial numbers and photos for valuable items such as phones, electronics, and other things that could be stolen easily.

One of those free services is called LeadsOnline and police have been using it for years. Through this service they now have ReportIt that allows people to store serial numbers, item descriptions and pictures of items so they can be found if stolen or lost.

WLOX reports that the Biloxi Police Departments has been using these technologies with the hopes of finding, identifying, and apprehending criminals. If you’re items are registered they are easily detected if someone tries to sell them through a pawn shop or any secondhand shop.

Individuals wanting to look into this service can visit to begin a property inventory.

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