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It’s almost Halloween, how do you feel about clowns around town?

JACKSON, Miss.- Clowns have been showing up randomly across the nation, striking fear and terror among those who may experience Coulrophobia, or fear of clowns.

Now that Halloween is right around the corner, will the long time costume favorite make a more approachable appearance?

In the popular costume store, Halloween Headquarters, are dozens of clown costumes to choose from. While other retailers like Target are taking clown masks off of their shelves, the Halloween store is happily selling them to anyone who asks.

Jessie Worley, the do-it-all man at Halloween Headquarters, said clown sales aren’t necessarily up, but they aren’t down either.

“The increase is in conversations about clowns, a lot of the people that come in have a very positive of negative feeling towards clowns,” said Worley.

He said most people view these clown sightings as a joke, or people just acting inappropriate.

“A lot of people are more worried about a clown getting shot,” he said.

While clown sightings have been reported in Mississippi, there have been no threatening activity or violent actions associated with them.

Worley said if anything, the sightings have just increased the chatter about clowns during the season of All Hallows Eve.

Most popular costume being picked up before the big day is Harley Quinn, the most recent motion picture character to pop up out of the DC Comics books.

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