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JPS: commission formed, still no school board

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Last month Governor Bryant decided that he would not take over the Jackson Public School District but instead form a coalition to improve JPS.

As part of the first phase, every member of the Jackson Public Schools Board of Trustees has resigned.

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“In any district on any given day, the superintendent has very limited ability to appropriate money and without a sitting board, unless there is some glitch in the law that I am unaware of, then a board will have to be created pretty quick here,” said Representative John Moore Chairman of the Education Committee.

Moore said that the school district is essentially dead in the water and cannot do anything currently but added that he is interested to see what the commission will do for JPS.

“At the end of the day, the Department of Education and the Governor’s office, everybody has the same goal and that’s to correct the issues going on with JPS,” said Moore.

A 15-member commission has been formed that will oversee an overhaul of Jackson Public Schools, however, they do not have the authority to take care of the day to day business at JPS.

“The rumble or the rumor that I hear is that the commission will re-study JPS and that it could be as long as six months to a year before a report is produced which means that it could be another two years of the same here in Jackson,” said Moore.

He added that he believes corrective action needs to happen quickly.

“We have 26,000 children over there that are not being educated and a district that is not functioning according to audits and the official status of the district,” said Moore. Something needs to be done on a daily basis.

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