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How to Keep the Bugs Out of Your Home

FLORENCE, Miss.- With fall weather approaching fast, cooler temperatures won’t be far behind. Many homeowners think their battle with rodents and insects has come to an end, but for some pests the battle has just begun.

Bugs and rodents are looking for food, water and a place to call home just like we do. However, we don’t want their new home to be the same as ours so here’s a few tips to keep them out from Diversified Pest Management employee Chris White, “Keep your yard mowed, keep brush away from your house, bushes manicured and trimmed, branches away from your house if you can and you should have a good quality pest management company to do your pest control.”

White says with cooler temperatures coming in you’re going to see more mice than anything else. Wasps won’t be nearly as bad, but Mississippi doesn’t get cold enough to get rid of all the bugs so you’ll still a few ants, roaches and spiders too.

Rodents like mice, rats and squirrels are looking for warmth during the colder months. These rodents can carry and spread diseases, chew up your home and can fit through spaces as small as a nickel.

Ants are pretty common in every home. They’re looking for water and food typically. White says, “The best way to keep ants away is by throwing away your food once you’re finished with it and sealing up entry ways into your house.”

Cockroaches are something to watch out for too. They can multiply by the hundreds and are definitely something that needs to be taken care of as soon as you see them, especially German roaches.

Tips to keep the bugs from crawling into your home:

  • Try to keep your home as clean as possible, wiping down counters, throwing away trash and vacuuming often.
  • Keep food stored in containers
  • Seal cracks around doors and windows
  • Maintain your yard by mowing often and keeping branches and shrubs trimmed
  • And a good exterminator is always handy to have around to prevent bugs from entering and to continuously keep them out

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