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KLLM giving jobs to Mississippians

Photo Courtesy of KLLM Transportation Services

KLLM Transport Services, is the fifth largest company in the state and is making an impact on the lives of Mississippians who don’t have a high school diploma

KLLM offers people the opportunity to become a truck drive virtually free of cost…

“We put about anywhere between 25 and 40 people a week through the Jackson academy itself,” said Jim Richards, President and CEO of KLLM Transport Services. “That’s grown over the last couple of years, we probably started out at 10 to 15 and it’s now up 25 to 40.”

Richards said the numbers look promising for the future as well.

“We continue to see our school grow,” said Richards. “I can anticipate doubling these numbers in the next year or two.”

Richards said the majority of their employees come to them unemployed and without high school degrees.

“Most of the people that come to us are unemployed, and are looking for a skill,” said Richards. “It requires no money out of their pocket. We spend all the money to provide the training. Once the training is completed, which is about a nine-week course, then we offer them employment, and so we really are putting Mississippians to work.”

Richards continued saying that their goal is to employ as many Mississippians as possible.

“High School dropouts cost this state about 410 million dollars,” said Richards. “Whether it is through medicaid, correctional facilities, etc. Any way that we can impact that drop out rate or just the high school degree rate, it is a great success story.”

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