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Law Enforcement and Communication with the Community

FORREST COUNTY, Miss.- Your city’s police department and your county’s sheriff’s departments number one objective is to keep you safe, and informed of what’s going on in your community. With technology advancing the way it is today, it’s safe to say the resources are there to make communication between your law enforcement agencies and you as reliable as possible.

Charlie Sims is running for Sheriff in Forrest County. He believes there’s more that can be done.

“I don’t feel like the community is engaged, included, and involved as much as they need to be with the Sheriff’s Department,” Sims said. “There’s too much technology out there nowadays where you could keep the public informed with a website that shows arrests made, crime trends, and news alerts.”

Sims went further to add that it could get the community more involved.

“For example, if they have a missing child, and we have it on the website, citizens who hear that can start looking,” Sims said. “There’s social media, there are mobile apps…. all of those things where you can just get information out to the county, and when they hear that, then they’re involved and they can help.”

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