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Laws Set to Take Effect Today

JACKSON, Miss.–Although the “open carry” law will not go into effect because of a temporary injunction, several other laws passed by the state legislature and signed by the governor have taken effect, as of midnight.

One of those laws in charter schools. That sets up a new charter school system in the state, whereby concerned parents can initiate the formation of a charter school, funded with public money, where that money follows the child. Another new law would see that a child who is not present more than 37 percent of the day would be considered absent.

A bill clarifying school prayer and religious activities is also in effect. That law says a “limited public forum” must be allowed students to express religious beliefs at school events and that districts must adopt a policy to facilitate that. The law says districts would also have a disclaimer that says they are not endorsing a particular religion. The bill was drafted to ensure students are guaranteed their right to free speech and free practice of religion and is not popular with some groups, like the ACLU.

The State Dept. of Education is now allowing districts a $10,000 grant for a school security officer to prevent school violence. The school district would match that amount and go higher if they choose, meaning that officer would be paid at least $20,000 per year.

Mississippi’s $1 billion in unpaid child support will now be collected, in part, by private agencies.

If you own a gun and have a concealed carry permit, that information will not be made part of the public record.

Towns, cities and other entities will not be able to make any law regarding what people may eat. That means no limit on sodas or the all-you-can-eat buffet. that law was made after New York City’s attempted ban on any drink over 16 oz.

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