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Lowest Gas Prices in the Country: In Your Capital City

JACKSON, Miss.–In a survey over the weekend, your state had the lowest gas prices in the country, even though Mississippians end up using more gas than people in other states because of the distances you drive.

“In the Aug. 8 panel of cities in the lower 48, San Francisco was the high at $3.95 and low is Jackson, Miss. at $3.19,” said oil expert Trilby Lundberg, who runs the Lundberg Survey, which tracks oil and gas prices.

In the state, you’ll find the lowest prices in Olive Branch and Southaven, which both have gas below $3 a gallon.

The highest was just down the road in Hernando, where gas was $3.89 Monday morning at the Local Express, according to

Lundberg said you may see prices go lower, but don’t expect any big gas price breakthroughs.

“We may see some further declines, but they may be smaller, a maybe none at all.”

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