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Making Sure Your Kids Can Read: Students Could Be Held Back This Year If They Did Not Pass

JACKSON, Miss.–The Third Grade Gate is in effect, and that means if your third grader can’t read proficiently, they could be held back this year. The Mississippi Board of Education met in Jackson and set a minimum score of 926 on the state test that was given in April.

But, just because your child did not make the grade does not necessarily mean they’ll be held back.

“Any child who fails will have two additional attempts at that,” said Dr. Cary Wright, state superintendent, at a news conference Thursday.

Students can be retested, starting May 18, and there will be two more retests over the summer.

But, if your kid fails the test three times, they will be held back.

“That’s the law,” said Wright.

About 15 percent of students who took the test this year did not pass. Scores were expected to go to the districts Friday.

Some people have said the new law is too strict and that the board, parents, teachers and students were not given enough time to understand the rules. The tests were given last month, but the passing score was set just this week.

Gov. Bryant has told News Mississippi on several occassions that this plan is not meant to hurt the students, but he sees it as a way to improve the outcome of a student’s education by making sure they can read before they move on.

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