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Man Dies in Jackson Police Department Holding Cell

JACKSON, Miss.-The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is trying to figure out how a man being kept in a holding cell at the Jackson Police Headquarters has died.

It happened the night before but officers didn’t discover the body until around 6 a.m. Sunday morning. The man was Jamal Mallard, 29 of Jackson.

Police told WLBT that they are not hiding anything on the matter and that there were no complaints made from Mallard while he was in custody. However the family is upset because they have not been allowed to see the body and feel that something suspicious may have happened.

Sharon Grisham Steward, Hinds County Coroner, said that she did not detect any signs of trauma or injury on Mallard.

Mallard was originally arrested Just before 4 a.m. on Sunday morning after police were called to Courtview Drive in response to a stolen lawnmower. When they got there Mallard was pushing the mower down the street.

He ran from police and they were able to return the item to its owner. They later found him at his home where he had been asleep. He was arrested and charged with petty larceny.

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