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Man Recalls His Bigfoot Encounters in Mississippi

FOREST, Miss. — If you have ever heard about the elusive Big Foot, you may know that the majority of the possible sightings are in the Pacific Northwest, but Don McDonald says he’s seen the creatures in Mississippi.

When McDonald was twelve. He says he found a dead hog and the woods and believes a Bigfoot may have been responsible.

Casts of the Bigfoot footprints McDonald has taken


“I’m from Newton. I was out one weekend spending the night with a buddy of mine – and he had his big German Shepard. We were easing up through the woods and got up and the dog ran back between us with its tail tucked between its legs.

We wondered want it was, went up to the top of the hill and we found this probably 150 to 200 pound hog that was dead. It was still quivering it was so fresh. Its back legs, it looked like something had grabbed them and broke them.

We looked up on the tree and about six or eight feet off the ground, there was something sticking in there that had blood on it. We grabbed it and pulled it out and it was a rib from the hog. Something had grabbed that hog and slammed into the tree so hard that the rib broke out of the hog and stuck into the tree.”

McDonald also says he was within 50 feet of one of the creatures in the woods south of Forest in 2012.


“Me and two of my buddies, we were sitting there – fellow researchers. We had walked in a couples miles down this little logging road. We were standing there and kind of see something dark form tree to tree. It got so bad one time when it got pretty close, a buddy of mine who was sitting on a bucket. He fell off the bucket it startled him so bad.”

McDonald says he is also certain it was not a bear.

“It moved too fast. This thing was going 20 feet, standing upright on two legs. Then all of a sudden it got within about 50 feet and it stepped out behind the tree with a full moon directly behind it – about seven – seven and a half feet, shoulders four feet wide, and you could see the individual hairs.”

McDonald says he didn’t think to take a picture. He also says he has heard howls and screams associated with the creatures.

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