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The Future of Allergy Treatments: You May Say ‘So Long’ to Shots

JACKSON, Miss– Imagine having to get a shot every month. If you deal with allergies, you may already know that pain. But you may not have to deal with it very much longer.

Mississippi is a haven for airborne allergens that could drive you crazy.

“Tree pollen, grass pollen, ragweed and dust mites,” Allergist Dr. Daniel Vanarske says they’re the most common allergens he sees in his patients.

“There’s different types of immunotherapy,” says Dr. Vanarske, “the most common prescribed is the injection.”

But if you’re tired of the shots, you may have another option.

“There’s a new treatment approved by the FDA this year,” says Dr. Vanarske, “it’s a tablet treatment you can take at home.”

The home treatment requires a prescription, when it comes available. Speak with your allergist about your allergy treatment options.

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