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Mayor Flaggs talks infrastructure, upcoming elections

Photo courtesy of Mayor George Flaggs.

Various issues are surrounding the state and nations infrastructure, with a lawsuit looming over the Governor and several state agencies regarding the closure of over 100 bridges in Mississippi. This leaves many still wondering when there will be action taken not only on a state level but in our nation’s capitol as well.

Mayor George Flaggs has worked closely with the Trump administration on the issue of infrastructure from the beginning and says they are working on a plan to ensure that the true problems get fixed properly.

“Infrastructure is so important,” Flaggs said. “If I don’t do anything else, I want to convince the President of the United States that he needs to put the money where the potholes are. That would help Vicksburg, Rolling Fork, Jackson and all small towns and big cities in the state and in the nation. I think you will see a new infrastructure bill within the next year and if I can be a part of it, I want to be a part of it.”

Flaggs, who recently changed his party affiliation from Democrat to Independent, also commented on the upcoming elections saying that the field is filled with good candidates.

“Mississippi has so much potential and so many good people,” Flaggs said. One of our greatest assets is our capital in people. I am one of these guys that when the voters speak I think that is the best.  I believe to this day that the best person to vote for and the best person to elect is the person and not the party. Someone a long time ago said that all politics are local.  You shouldn’t vote just because a party says so, or just because somebody endorses them. You should vote because you are familiar with that person and that person is someone you believe will make a difference.”

However, Flaggs added that he will not be running for any further political offices at this time and said he will end his extensive career in politics as the Mayor of Vicksburg.

“If I run for re-election, I will still end my career as Mayor of Vicksburg,” Flaggs said. “I couldn’t get it in my spirit. I meditated, I prayed hard, I fasted, and it never came to me that I needed to run for an additional office other than the Mayor of Vicksburg.”


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