Flaggs thinks Cain is the “ideal” hire for MDOC

Recently, Governor Tate Reeves introduced Burl Cain as the new commissioner of the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC). Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs was the chairman of the search committee that was in charge of finding a replacement for Pelicia Hall, who stepped down in January amid a swell of gang violence and murders within the … Continue reading “Flaggs thinks Cain is the “ideal” hire for MDOC”

Mayor George Flaggs From the Nation’s Capital

Mayor George Flaggs(Mayor of Vicksburg) joins the conversation by phone from Washington D.C. to detail the work he’s getting done for Mississippi River communities while he is in the nation’s capital and the progress of their search for a new Corrections Commissioner. If you missed his conversation with Dave Hughes(filling in for JT today), you … Continue reading “Mayor George Flaggs From the Nation’s Capital”

Vicksburg Mayor was invited guest of President Trump

Former legislator and current Mayor George Flaggs of Vicksburg joined us on The Gallo Show today. When President Trump visited the Civil Rights Museum opening, Mayor Flaggs was one of the invited guests to meet with the President. Here’s a quick snippet from the Thursday interview.