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McDaniel on Cochran: “His Voting Record is not a Conservative Voting Record”

JACKSON, Miss.–U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Miss.,  announced his intentions last Friday of running for re-election again in 2014.

So far his only official opposition is state Sen. Chris McDaniel who on Monday was on SuperTalk Mississippi’s The Gallo Show to talk about the race.

“Well we always thought he was in the race,” said McDaniel referring to whether or not he thought Cochran would run again. “After all he’s been in Washington D.C. for 41 years.”

He said it really wasn’t a big surprise that Cochran decided to run again and it doesn’t change his campaign moving forward.

“The idea is that we recognize what his voting record has been and it isn’t a conservative voting record,” said McDaniel. “We have the ability now, we believe, to point that out tothe people of the state and have a discussion on that record.”

He said his campaign will be polite, but Cochran’s record and the discussion of fiscal responsibility are fair game.

“The idea of term limits is fair game,” he said. “We don’t believe that people should be in Washington D.C. that long and we don’t think the system is built to sustain itself when people don’t have new blood and new leadership.”

The two will face off in the Republican primary coming up on June 3, 2014.


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