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MDOC Commissioner: Too much contraband

Photo courtesy of the MDOC.

More contraband than expected, including canned and leaf tobacco, cellphones, cellphone chargers, and marijuana, were found at a Parchman work camp during a shakedown.

The shakedown at Unit 26 at the Mississippi State Penitentiary is part of Operation Zero Tolerance, which has been ongoing since March. There were 557 offenders housed there when officers searched for three hours Wednesday.

Other illegal items seized include lighters, TOP papers, earpieces, a drug scale, tennis shoes, Tylenol, a hairbrush,  free-world belts, homemade fishing cords, shanks, extension cords, pairs of dices, and gang paraphernalia. Officers also found unusual items, such as a baked pecan pie and two empty whiskey bottles.

“I expected officers to find some contraband given that these minimum security inmates go out each day and perform various jobs, including maintenance and agricultural work,” Corrections Commissioner Pelicia E. Hall said. “However, the amount found at this unit is unacceptable. Therefore, we will be tightening supervision of these inmates.”

Hall started the shakedowns to stem the flow of contraband in the prison system. She said they will continue and will be unannounced.

Photos courtesy of the MDOC.

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