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MDOT is asking you to pick up your trash

JACKSON, Miss.- You’re driving down the road, windows rolled down, enjoying the scenery and suddenly you see something that doesn’t belong.

Where it’s an old fast food cup, or an empty bag of chips the side of the road is no place for trash. Mississippi Department of Transportation is reminding Mississippians to pick up their trash and keep Mississippi beautiful. The reminder comes along with America Recycles Day on November 15th.

It’s reported that more than 51 billion pieces of trash can be on the U.S. roadways each year. According to Keep America Beautiful that clean up can cost upwards of $11.5 million dollars.

Recycling can be a great solution to any trash problem.

This practice can reduce the impact that trash has on the environment.

MDOT offers some tips on how you can help make Mississippi a cleaner and more beautiful state.

  • Never throw anything from your vehicle.
  • Use a trashcan and tell others to do so.
  • If you’re using your vehicle to take trash to a dump area, make sure your load is secure.
  • Don’t keep trash in the back of your truck, it could blow away when driving.
  • When using household items think about what can be recycled: magazines, tissue boxes, shampoo bottles, envelopes, toilet paper rolls.
  • You can recycle other things such as plastic bags, electronics, and fabric, but don’t put those in a curbside bin.

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