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MDOT Offers New State Highway Map Free to Public

JACKSON, Miss.- Have you ever been traveling and used a GPS or your phone for directions and it either died or lost signal? All of a sudden, you’re in the middle of nowhere with no directions. What do you do? Having a map in your vehicle is always handy.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation recommends you pick up their new 2015 Mississippi Official State Highway Map.

Paper maps may seem like a thing of the past, but Jason Scott Public Information Officer with MDOT says, “Having that hard copy of a map is a very valuable resource because a paper map is never going to fail you, whereas your phone may die or lose service. That’s where that paper map will come in handy.”

The 2015 Mississippi Official State Highway map is more than just a regular map. The map not only shows the state’s highways and roadways, but also gives tourism information about some of the top things you can do around our state, such as antebellum architecture, Mississippi’s musical legacy and outdoor recreation.

You can get your own map free by contacting MDOT Map Sales at 601-359-7045.

MDOT also offers other specialty maps to the public such as city and county maps.

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