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MDOT: summer road safety tips

Photo Courtesy of TeleSouth Communications Inc.

As Mississippians hit the roadways this summer, the Mississippi Department of Transportation wants to ensure drivers are staying safe on the highways.

Jason Williams Mississippi Department of Transportation’s Deputy Executive Director and Chief Engineer encouraged drivers to stay extra vigilant during the summer months as there are more workers on the side of the road this time of the year.

Williams said that slowing down to just 40 miles per hour could save a life.

“MDOT workers and the contractors working for MDOT, they are just inches away from the traveling public at times,” Williams said. “You think about a car coming by at 70 miles per hour, just inches from you, I’ve personally been there and it is a scary situation to realize that you are just that close to instant death.”

While Williams said they are constantly working internally and training their workers on roadside safety, he said the dangers are still there.

“These guys have a job to do when they are out there working on the road,” Williams said. They are focused on doing that job right, working on the road, at the same time there is traffic there so they are dependent on the traffic paying attention and watching out for them as well.”

  • Don’t be distracted – don’t text and drive
  • Pay attention to flashing road lights
  • Pay attention to speed – speed kills

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