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Medications could increase heat sensitivity this summer

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Mississippi summers produce some extreme heat and if you take daily medication, that heat could have some serious impacts on your health.

Dr. Richard Ogletree is a pharmacist, and said many medications needed daily could impact your resistance to heat.

“Medications for Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel, digestive issues, a lot of stomach problems and overactive bladder,” said Ogletree. “Medication for those and drugs to counteract the side effects of anti-psychotics… could make you more sensitive to heat.”

Heat sensitivity with medication often occurs because of two reactions in the body: either a side effect of the drug reduces sweating, or blood vessels are less likely to constrict, which prevents the body from radiating heat away.

“When you can’t sweat and can’t radiate heat, you get hotter faster,” said Ogletree.

The doctor added that this means setting boundaries for yourself.

“Even if you’ve only been outside for a few minutes, if you’re feeling too hot, head inside and grab a cool drink,” said Ogletree. “That may mean limiting your activity, but it could mean keeping you safe.”

Do not stop taking medication without a doctor’s approval.

If you are on medication and start to feel overheated, dizzy, faint, or experience vomiting, call your doctor immediately.


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