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Miss. Elementary Students Learn About 9/11

CLINTON, Miss.–A Clinton Eastside Elementary School class learned all about 9/11 on Wednesday and achieved that in a very interactive way.

The class, made up of students who were born the year after 9/11, were able to video chat with a New York City fireman who was at Ground Zero the day of the attack.

“I contacted my wife and my son to let them know that I was ok,” said fireman Carl Schramm who was Skyping from his home.

He was suppose to be headed out on a flight to Orlando later that day, but when the planes hit the towers everything changed.

“I probably spent the next day and a half there trying to do what we could to help save and rescue people,” he said.

Schramm said he he helped with one of the last rescues of a woman the next day after the towers fell.

Students in Mrs. Kerri Burnside’s class watch a video from the History Channel on the entire 9/11 incident and it was easy to see the difference in understanding and emotion than for many older adults, not because of specifically age, but for the sole fact they weren’t alive in 2001.

For these kids, they couldn’t draw from a memory of where they were or the day that it happened but only watch and learn about the horror.

The kids were allowed to ask Schramm a lot of questions during the Skype session.

“I just wanted to know if y’all ever figured out who did this to y’all,” asked a young boy.  This only furthered the truth that many of the younger generation, by no fault of their own, didn’t have that direct connection but the want to learn was apparent.

Schramm reiterated that Osama Bin Laden had been found but the country still has more to do to keep us all safe.


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