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Miss. News Briefs: The Fire That May Have Been Revenge, Parents Reject Computers, New Building

MORTON, Miss.–Imagine you own a house that you’re renting out and two of your tenants get into a fight. You kick one of them out, then the house burns down. That’s what happened in Morton Tuesday. Here are some news briefs to get you over that big hump in the middle of the week:

See if this sounds suspicious to you. A landlord gives a guy the boot in Morton Tuesday morning. Tuesday night the place goes up in flames. Landlord Ronald Cole, Sr. told News Channel 12 he thinks it was on purpose. The fire chief still looking for the official cause.

This murder sounds like a movie. now it’s made it into court. Murder trial for George Strickland in Lowndes County. Police say he shot and killed Christopher Wayne George in 2011. Cops say he also shot George’s wife Patricia and took off running before they caught up with him at a local business. She made it. Her husband didn’t.

Computers for every kid, campus upgrades, and even a brand new high school. You’re saying no to it all in Lowndes County. It was $47 million bond issue that failed Tuesday.

In Okolona, it was just a $2 million bond issue and the votes are still being counted on that one. This one is to fix leaky roofs and upgrade the AC and heat.

Twenty three bucks. How’d you like to write a check right now to pay for your own background check. That’s what volunteer firefighters in DeSoto County may have to do. The board of supervisors is considering that right now, and some people are not delighted with the idea of guys who put their lives at risk for no pay, having to pay for the checks with their own dough.

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